St George, Utah – As we come to the close of Habitat’s fiscal year, we just wanted to reflect on a few things that have happened and thank everyone that helped us through the last year!

Linda Baker, Lil Barron and Wendy Sheppick have now been with Habitat for over a year!  I’m hoping we have finally gotten over the many trial and errors that we made during that year and can begin this next year with a little more knowledge under our belt!

The ReStore staff has been working hard to keep the ReStore up to date with new and used inventory coming in every day!  They have been amazing!

We would like to thank all our donors – FAM Club members, Mary Thacker, Roy West, Sally Spears, Darald Erickson, Network for Good, Ironman Foundation, Bamberger Foundation, Donna MacBean, Egor Shulman, Linda Sappington, Chili’s, JK Jewelers – Kristy Goodrich, Salon Solutions, Coldwell Banker, Calvary Church, Eccles Foundation, Lori Johansson, Beckham Ashe Family, Dixie Direct, Sanjoy Bhattacharya, Sorenson Legacy Foundation, Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church, Beesley Foundation, Gannett Foundation, Thomas Galles, Betty Whitford, Russ Brown, Ellen Bowden, Bonnie Pendleton, Brian Taylor, A & PJ Foran, Paul & Gloria Reynolds, Colonel Stanley Smith, Meri Crandall, Elvin Anderson, Keith & Patricia Vandewark, Paul & Ranee Thorpe, Scott & Nancy Bodine, Edna Hunt, Rick & Emmy Gilmore, George Graff, Red Mountain Employees, Fidelity Charitable, Color Me Rad, ReStore Flip, Snow Jensen & Reece, S & S Homes, Vanguard Charitable, ReStore Roundup, George Streetfest, Wells Fargo Foundation, Thomas Fleury, Elizabeth Larsen, Arthur Haines, Beverly Whipple, Markay Johnson Construction, Foot & Ankle Institute, Mama’s Kitchen, Dixie Sunrise Rotary, SUHBA, Red Cliffs Mall, Dixie Ladies of the Elks, & Perry Homes.  We are so blessed to live in such a giving community who really take affordable housing serious and understand the need in Washington County.

We love our volunteers, DSU, Bike & Build, Dave Filat, Steve Sorensen, Frank Carbone, UNLV, AT&T/Direct TV,

We would like to thank those that participated in our events this year!  The Masquerade Ball was a huge success!  Everyone dressed up sporting a mask and feathers, and joined us to thank sponsors, partner of the year, volunteer of the year and just to have fun and raise money for our next house!

We also enjoyed our very first ReStore Flip!  Thank you to those that participated, John & Lisa Ames, DSU President Williams and crew, Chris, LaRae and Colleen from Planet 94, Bonnie Pendleton from The Plant Lady & Co, Rhett Long and the Spectrum!  We had so much fun and will be doing it again this year in conjunction with the ReStore anniversary.

We had two families pay their off their mortgages.  What an exciting time for those two families.  They own their homes and have been blessed by Habitat.

As we close out 2015-2016, we are so appreciative and grateful to everyone from the staff, to the Board, to the volunteers that so tirelessly work to help a family become a home owner and have the opportunities that they might not have otherwise.

Thank you all again!!!

We couldn’t do it without you!

IMG_2413Southern US Bike and Build riders

Sign for 2016 ReStore Flip contestIMG_2802

IMG_2401                             Zavalas