On July 7, 2016, twenty-nine of the most amazing kids peddled into St George, UT.  They are from all over the US and gathered in Jacksonville Florida to peddle across the Southern States to promote and understand affordable housing issues.  These 29 kids, fundraise to come on this trip, give up their summer, and work and ride in very hot conditions.  Did I say how amazing they were???


They arrived on Thursday at the Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church, where Chris from the Church was there to greet them as their hosts.  We at Habitat were called to come help transport them to the Washington City Rec Center to shower and take a much needed little time for themselves.  Donna MacBean and the Elks Lodge provided dinner for them including lasagna with meat and a vegetarian dish, salad, garlic bread and dessert.  This evening is for the staff and Bike & Build kids to get to know each other a little more than just a day of working together.  We went around the room asking names, where they were from, favorite color and the best part of being in Bike & Build so far.  Everyone enjoys this part so much, it is fun to get to know the kids and have a bond start.  Lil told a little history of St George and Silver Reef where the kids would be working the next day at the Protestant cemetery.  It was great to see their excitement about helping with a little part of history in this area.


On Friday, we had breakfast, provided by the Church at 6:30 am.  The kids were then taken to the Silver Reef cemetery where work began on the fence, mending, and painting, building new crosses with Unknown stenciled on them for the graves with no markers, they also weeded the long overdue cemetery.  At lunch at the Cosmopolitan, pizza was provided by Pizza Hut, the kids were thrilled to have pizza and fruit.  During lunch, they were given an opportunity to attend the museum at Silver Reef and learn more about our history.  At 3:30, after working so hard in the Dixie heat, they were taken back to the Washington City Community Center to shower and get ready for the evening meal.  This meal was at the Church were the community was invited to attend a potluck to hear from Bike & Build and see a little part of their journey.  We had Melinda Falaniko there to speak to the kids to show why their part in affordable housing is worth it.  She did a fabulous job and the kids were so thrilled to meet her and of her spirit.


Saturday, breakfast was served at the Church at 6:00 am.  The kids were up and getting ready to hit the road for a 90-mile trek to Overton Nevada.  They were going to try and beat the southern heat as much as they could so to be on the road by 7:00 or 7:30.   We stayed with them until they left.  What a wonderful group of kids these were!  What an amazing journey they were embarking on and after meeting these kids, our future looks bright!


Special thanks to:


Red Mountain Resort


Donna MacBean

Elks Lodge

Pizza Hut

Rapid Cycling

Frank Carbone

Bill Phagen

Silver Reef Museum